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Color binding in visuo-spatial working memory 1-gen-2010 Simione, L.; Raffone, A.; Micciantuono, G.; Olivetti Belardinelli, M.; Van Leeuwen, C.
Neural basis of communication of auditory BCIs 1-gen-2011 Riccio, A.; Simione, L.; Mattia, D.; Cincotti, F.; Belardinelli, M. O.
Extent of tumor removal and molecular markers in cerebral glioblastoma: A combined prognostic factors study in a surgical series of 105 patients - Clinical article 1-gen-2012 Salvati, M.; Pichierri, A.; Piccirilli, M.; Brunetto, G. M. F.; D'Elia, A.; Artizzu, S.; Santoro, F.; Arcella, A.; Giangaspero, F.; Frati, A.; Simione, L.; Santoro, A.
ViSA: A neurodynamic model for visuo-spatial working memory, attentional blink, and conscious access 1-gen-2012 Simione, L.; Raffone, A.; Wolters, G.; Salmas, P.; Nakatani, C.; Belardinelli, M. O.; van Leeuwen, C.
Eye-gaze independent EEG-based brain-computer interfaces for communication 1-gen-2012 Riccio, A.; Mattia, D.; Simione, L.; Olivetti, M.; Cincotti, F.
From touch to brain control: Augmenting communication in persons with ALS 1-gen-2013 Schettini, F.; Riccio, A.; Simione, L.; Liberati, G.; Caruso, M.; Calabrese, B.; Ielpo, N.; Palumbo, A.; Frasca, V.; Mecella, M.; Amato, F.; Pizzimenti, A.; Inghilleri, M.; Mattia, D.; Cincotti, F.
Attention and P300-based BCI performance in people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 1-gen-2013 Riccio, A.; Simione, L.; Schettini, F.; Pizzimenti, A.; Inghilleri, M.; Belardinelli, M. O.; Mattia, D.; Cincotti, F.
My-world-in-my-tablet: An architecture for people with physical impairment 1-gen-2013 Caruso, M.; Cincotti, F.; Leotta, F.; Mecella, M.; Riccio, A.; Schettini, F.; Simione, L.; Catarci, T.
Emotion based attentional priority for storage in visual short-term memory 1-gen-2014 Simione, L.; Calabrese, L.; Marucci, F. S.; Belardinelli, M. O.; Raffone, A.; Maratos, F. A.
The role of selective attention and action selection in the development of multiple action capabilities 1-gen-2014 Simione, L.; Nolfi, S.
Number of mediastinal lymph nodes as a prognostic factor in PN2 non small cell lung cancer: A single centre experience and review of the literature 1-gen-2014 Takanen, S.; Bangrazi, C.; Graziano, V.; Parisi, A.; Resuli, B.; Simione, L.; Caiazzo, R.; Raffetto, N.; Tombolini, V.
Assistive device with conventional, alternative, and brain-computer interface inputs to enhance interaction with the environment for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: A feasibility and usability study 1-gen-2015 Schettini, F.; Riccio, A.; Simione, L.; Liberati, G.; Caruso, M.; Frasca, V.; Calabrese, B.; Mecella, M.; Pizzimenti, A.; Inghilleri, M.; Mattia, D.; Cincotti, F.
Developing brain-computer interfaces from a user-centered perspective: Assessing the needs of persons with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, caregivers, and professionals 1-gen-2015 Liberati, G.; Pizzimenti, A.; Simione, L.; Riccio, A.; Schettini, F.; Inghilleri, M.; Mattia, D.; Cincotti, F.
Selection-for-action emerges in neural networks trained to learn spatial associations between stimuli and actions 1-gen-2015 Simione, L.; Nolfi, S.
The emergence of selective attention through probabilistic associations between stimuli and actions 1-gen-2016 Simione, L.; Nolfi, S.
Illusions of integration are subjectively impenetrable: Phenomenological experience of Lag 1 percepts during dual-target RSVP 1-gen-2017 Simione, L.; Akyürek, E. G.; Vastola, V.; Raffone, A.; Bowman, H.
Dispositional mindfulness facets predict the efficiency of attentional networks 1-gen-2017 Di Francesco, S. A.; Simione, L.; López-Ramón, M. F.; Belardinelli, M. O.; Lupiáñez, J.; Raffone, A.
Achieving long-term progress in competitive co-evolution 1-gen-2018 Simione, L.; Nolfi, S.
On the Relationship Between Attention Processing and P300-Based Brain Computer Interface Control in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 1-gen-2018 Riccio, A.; Schettini, F.; Simione, L.; Pizzimenti, A.; Inghilleri, M.; Olivetti-Belardinelli, M.; Mattia, D.; Cincotti, F.
Visual attention modulates phenomenal consciousness: Evidence from a change detection study 1-gen-2019 Simione, L.; Di Pace, E.; Chiarella, S. G.; Raffone, A.
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